UNITED player wins awards at Robotics tournament

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Denny and her team from Shilling Farms Middle School on their success, here is the story of their day.

We are back from Huntsville, AL from the Robotics Qualifier!  What an exciting experience to see this all in action.  Our SFMS Robotics Team is a Rookie Team and we came to learn!
We had many difficulties getting things up and running, starting from our programming, battery issues, cables, robot integrity.  We were stressed but we got the robot running and we presented the Judges what we had accomplished before getting to the qualifier!
We were on the winning alliance two times and we placed 11th after the Elimination Rounds, at this point the team was ready to pack up and go home but this is where it got exciting!

After 5 rounds, the top 4 teams were declared, these teams get to choose who they’d like to partner with on the final matches.   We were chosen by the top team, that is after another team declined the offer and we competed in the semi finals and advanced to finals and our Alliance Won!!
As a result of our win we advanced to State!

In addition we also won the ‘Connect Award’, this is given to the Team who is most connected with their local community and engineering community and  we came in second in the ‘Motivate Award’ an award that is given to the Team who exemplifies the essence of FTC competition through ‘team building’, ‘team spirit’ and ‘enthusiasm’!