UNITED player competes in Lego League Competition!

Annabel and her Robotics Team had a very successful day IMG_7366 IMG_7389competing in the First Lego League competition at the University of Memphis,   She and her 9 teammates have been working all year to get ready for this competition.  They designed, built and programmed a robot using LEGO MINDSTORM technology, and then competed on a table-top playing field.  They also had to complete all parts of a project related to a real world problem.  This year’s challenge theme was Trash Trek and they were asked to find solutions for our world’s trash problems.  In their project, they discussed upcycling and made an e-catalog of items they created from recycled products.  They also had to make a presentation of the Core Values of the First Lego League program which promotes teamwork, friendly competition, “Gracious Professionalism” and “Coopertition”.  They received the 3rd Place Champion’s Award, and there were 41 teams competing. This is only the second year the team has been together. Last year, they did not place in ANY category…so they have definitely come a long way!!