Tournament Eating And Drinking

Tournament Eating and Drinking

1. What you eat all week will affect your energy level this weekend. That doesn’t mean eat a bowl of pasta every hour. That means eat healthy meals all week, and no skipping meals.

2. Drinking caffeine can dehydrate you in hot weather.

3. Pre-game meals (3 hours before a game) should be light and low-fat. This will speed the emptying of your stomach. Remember that any solids you eat within 3 hours before your game will not be used for energy for your game. Digestion of food in your stomach at game-time will divert energy from muscles, which leads to early fatigue.

4. Drinking sports beverages during games might help your energy level. Try different flavors to find the one that quenches your thirst.

5. A sugar beverage is necessary immediately after each game (sports beverages are not high sugar drinks), followed by a healthy meal within 2 hours of a game. This will help your body rebuild energy stores. The carbonation in sodas may fill you up and keep you from drinking adequate amounts of fluid.

6. Some players will not be hungry between games, others will be
ravenous. You will have to use your judgment. Try to at least avoid high fat foods.

7. Tournaments test endurance – any edge a player can gain by watching what they eat may make the difference. The kids who benefit most are the ones at risk for depletion — players who play most of each game. Players will need to find out what works for them.