The Grass Gets Greener!

Parents and Friends of UNITED Soccer Club,

As you know, one of the challenges we faced as a new club was finding a suitable place to practice. Although the condition of the field was not ideal, the generosity of Faith Lutheran in letting us use their field for free has really helped the club get established. The convenient location for everyone, the availability and visibility, plus the fact we can setup a permanent Skills Academy and have a storage building makes it a great place to call home.

For several months we have been working on a plan to improve the field and to make it into a true soccer field, yes, with real grass!!

Today, we are delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement with Faith Lutheran Church that allows us to begin work on creating a superb playing surface for our club. The church still owns the property, but we have a rolling five year agreement to use it for UNITED Soccer Club. Faith Lutheran Church will also have access to use it for various activities if needed.

  • Beginning tomorrow we are turning over the top surface, levelling it and removing the holes
  • We are purchasing and spreading winter grass seed across the playing area plus an area around the edge
  • Of course grass seed needs watering so we are installing a water line from the road to the field and purchasing a water cannon that has the range to water the field one half at a time
  • The field will be fertilized to help the growth of the new seed
  • Next summer we will over seed the field with Bermuda so that we will have a year round playing surface
  • We also plan on purchasing an industrial quality mower

The plan is to have a full size 11v11 field and within that we will have two 8v8 fields and four 3v3 fields marked out plus the Skills Academy will get its own permanent area.

As you can see this is an enormous undertaking and would not have been possible without many hours of research and help from many people. Our thanks go to Mike Singer and Mike Thompson for putting our plan together, to Ryan Garcia who is organizing and doing a lot of the work and many others who have helped get the project to the starting line.

Of course the words “buying and purchasing” appear a lot and none of this would have been possible without the generous donation of $10,000 from Mr. Ben Ward, grandfather to Maggie and Molly Ward. Mr. Ward donated the money for us to use to improve the field. We are adding to that the $5,000 we raised at our 5k run last June.

So what does all this mean in the short term? Well we will have to be off our main field until January to allow the grass to take root and grow. We will be restricted to the far end of the field, near the dry cleaning store, the coaches will be using a lot of small sided games to train the players. We do not anticipate any disruption to practice.

In the coming weeks, we will be asking for volunteers to help keep the field watered. That will entail going out to the field and moving the water cannon, etc., and we will be needing a roster of people to mow the field when the time comes.

Again, we cannot thank Mr. Ward enough for his donation as well all the people involved in helping the plan come to fruition, and to Faith Lutheran for their continued support. The time and effort that has been put into this project has shown what can be achieved when a club is truly UNITED.

Finally, we all need to take a moment and remember part of our family that has passed on. Our Executive Storage facility was attacked by the fierce winds a couple of weeks ago, was lifted clean off its base, screws and all and blown 35 yards down towards Byhalia. Alas poor Shed, we knew ye well! Padlock survived though! The doors were blown clean off but remained secured together and ironically all the equipment was left untouched in exactly the same position as we had left it. We will be looking for a sponsor to help us acquire a new one.


UNITED Soccer Club Board