Love For Liam

Liam George is a 11-month-old baby boy born with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.  He was diagnosed shortly after birth.

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome is a rare condition usually (though not always) present at birth and is characterized by gigantism, overgrowth and a high predisposition to tumor formation and malignancies. This condition is said to occur one in every 13,700 births worldwide. There are approximately 300 cases in the United States. Prognosis is good if cancer does not emerge and the neonatal hypoglycemia is addressed properly.

Since birth, Liam has undergone multiple tests monthly and seen a host of different specialist. In March, Baby Liam was diagnosed with Liver and adrenal cancer. The adrenal masses were removed with surgery and he is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for the liver cancer.

Your contributions will help Will, Chelsea, Devin and Liam fight this horrible disease without worrying about paying bills or missing work.

Our goal is to cover all the medical expenses he has incurred prior to being transfer to St. Jude and to provide a means to live so that Will can be with his family without having to choose between his son and work.

 Thank you for showing your LOVE FOR LIAM! 


#LOVEFORLIAM 3 V 3 Tournament

If you are unable to participate in the tournament but would like to help you can make a donation here:

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