Fluid Intake

Fluid Intake

Soccer players have been shown to lose 1-5% of body weight through sweating (up to 4.5 kg in hot humid conditions) which results in impaired performance.

…evidence shows that body mass loss will also cause mental functions to deteriorate perhaps resulting in players making mistakes.

A scientific study demonstrated that it can actually help improve sprinting capacity in the second half of matches when compared to players who did not drink any water….

Water is extremely useful in preventing dehydration, especially in hot conditions and is an excellent replacement fluid…………However, the consensus view is that a sports drink which contains an energy source in the form of carbohydrates along with electrolytes is more effective in maintaining performance.

…players who consumed CHO solution before a match and at half-time covered greater distances in the second half than those who did not.

The ideal sports drink should have 5 major qualities:

1 – Tastes good

2 – Rapidly absorbed

3 – Causes no stomach discomfort

4 – Helps maintain body fluid volume (prevents or reduces dehydration)

5 – Has the potential to enhance exercise performance (delays fatigue).

Pre-match: Firstly, it is important that players are well hydrated before a match …. begin the process of topping up with fluid the day before. …. On match day, players should have plenty to drink and be encouraged to drink even when they are not thirsty.

During a match: Try to drink small amounts of fluid at regular intervals…… and always at half-time.

Post-match:…The athlete should immediately drink adequate fluids to replace sweat losses during exercise. Avoid caffeine as this may prevent rehydration.

Only try out different drinking habits during training.